Lesley joined a #WorkingOutLoud circle I facilitated in 2016. Lesley's enthusiasm and energy became a fundamental asset to the group dynamics as we met weekly for 12 weeks on-line. During that time and subsequently I have learnt more from Lesley about networks, ESN tools and adoption strategies and had the pleasure of collaborating with her at events. I hope to do more collaboration in the future. Nicola Waterworth, Coach, Facilitator, Change Agent (June 2017).
Lesley is an anti-procrastination tonic, if something is worth doing "just do it"! I met Lesley on my third Working Out Loud circle and has been an inspiration to me in putting those ideas into practice. She's incredibly generous with her advice on all things #ESN and Yammer. Lesley's knowledge of the Tech platforms together with #WOL is a potent combination. Sarah Parry, Knowledge Manager, Chaucer Group (June 2017)
Lesley is that rare individual that can make connections with almost anything. Whether it be through social networking, technology, or communication, Lesley can find a way to connect dots and to engage various individuals in order for operations or the community to be better than before her input. She did that through the Yammer platform at GSK and continues that through her Working Out Loud Consultancy as well as on LinkedIn. The ease in working with Lesley makes her a top talent I would choose to work with any day of the week. Laurie Kane-Carson, former GSK R&D director of Innovation, motivational speaker (March 2017).
Lesley is a breath of fresh air with substantial experience of how to derive business benefit from the application of social media within the organisation. but much more than this she understands the cultural challenges and the practical steps to take to make a difference. I find her insights and advice very valuable. Mike Pounsford, Couravel Ltd, OD specialist (July 2016).
Based on her impressive presentation on enterprise social at IABC Eurocomm 2015, I asked Lesley to lead a webinar for our internal network of global communicators in Siemens' Power Generation Services Division. Lesley did an outstanding job of presenting her research into this increasingly important medium of internal communication and employee collaboration, including relevant examples from her own professional experience. In their feedback, several attendees described the session as eye-opening and insightful. Lesley's winning demeanour and clear subject matter expertise helped to dispel potential reservations around the implementation and promotion of this game-changing technology. David Camacho, Siemens, Corporate Communications Director (May 2016).
Lesley is a role model for #workingoutloud and my daily inspiration about Digital Transformation of Enterprises into New Ways of Working. Her thoughts, strategies, approaches and practical guidelines are very professional and easy to share within my company (Microsoft) and with my customers. She is also a great networker and opens doors. Ragnar Heil, Microsoft Office 365, E5 Partner Channel Lead (November 2015).
Lesley combines passion and a highly analytical mind to deliver some brilliant thinking. Her #wolan (working out loud in a network) model is clever and helpful, tying together strategic organizational concerns with more practical/tactical best practices and concepts related to enterprise social software. Lesley is a pleasure to work with and balances her rich intellectual approach with a very open-minded, collaborative way of working. Ephraim Julius Freed, former Digital Workplace Group (DWG) lead (October 2015).
I worked with Lesley in Manufacturing Communications at GSK from 2001-2013 and served as her Manager during part of that time. I highly recommend Lesley as an innovative and energetic communications professional, real team player always willing to go the extra mile to get things done. Lesley is enthusiastic about communications - especially social media. Always on the leading edge of applying technology innovations to our communications team's ways of working and to the rest of the GSK. Always willing to try new things and figure out how best to utilize them within the company. Personally I enjoyed working with Lesley because she was so enthusiastic about the mission of communications, about social media, about working with a very global and diverse audience, and because she brought so much energy to her job every day. Lesley is a natural problem-solver and quick to embrace new ways of working. She is honest and approachable, particularly refreshing in a corporate environment. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Lesley again and I recommend her without hesitation as an experienced and creative communications professional. Stef Mendell, former GSK Communicators Director (May 2015).
During my time as Intranet Programme Manager in GSK I had the (absolute) pleasure of working with Lesley on a regular basis. Lesley's insights into the company structure and politics and subsequent guidance was very helpful but most importantly was Lesley's knowledge of Yammer in the ESN space. Over the life of the programme I observed a drive in Lesley to be the best she could possibly be in everything that was thrown at her. I admire this drive in staff that have been in an organisation for years and have not succumb to just turning work over. Lesley produced an outstanding paper on the use of Enterprise Social Networking to better engage staff and leverage work in companies , which I personally believe should be published by Microsoft but that's another story. This paper is a good example of Lesley driving forward a piece of work on her own initiative. I would highly recommend Lesley to any employer as she is a pleasure to work alongside with a keen eye for detail and an overwhelming passion to succeed and be the best she can in her field. Roy Starr - Consulting Intranet Programme Manager (February 2015).
Lesley is a strong advocate for the benefits of how Enterprise Social can change how work gets done. I was particularly impressed in how she developed a great structured approach for quantifying the business benefits, which is one of the best that I've seen. Her passion for the human element of what Enterprise Social delivers is also a huge credit to her. Mike Grafham, Microsoft Customer Success Lead (December 2014).
I have known Lesley for 26 years and have seen her grow each year in skill, motivation, communication and especially in the area of internal social networking, within a Fortune 500 company. Lesley took it upon herself to develop and implement a unique internal social networking concept that utilised her Lean Sigma training and thinking. I too have implemented a new business concept inside a F 500 global company similar in size to GSK and fully appreciate what it takes to achieve a new process with global implications successfully. Tony Moore, Author, Entrepreneur, Regional Sales Director, Fire Dex LLC (December 2014).