Work Out Loud in a Network

  • From the beginning of time, pollinating animals communicate by sight, sound, scent in ecosystems.
  • Humans have gone from communicating by drawings on the wall, to letter, telegraph, phone, memo, fax to EMAIL, internet, ESN, chat, apps and now bots and AI. Not forgetting the best way to communicate is face to face meetings.
  • However, the primary business tool is still EMAIL -  we have lost Mother Nature’s networking skills

Work Out Loud in an Ecosystem

An Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) analogy.

  • There are more than 300 Hummingbird species.
  • These delightful, diminutive “Hummers” have fast, agile wings for pivoting and hovering in mid-air that flap about 80 times per second creating a unique hum.
  • They have long, agile tongues for sourcing nectar in a critical flower pollination network.