Spread your digital transformational wings and get ahead of your competitors with a tailored, hands-on, tactical and strategic, Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) face-to-face (or webinar) workshop.
The session lasts between 2 hours and 2 days depending on the level of detail and support required.
By the end of the session you will have walked through the critical ESN adoption stages of Discover>Nurture>Launch>Embed>Sustain and have:
  • A deep understanding of ESN functionality
  • An ESN strategy document to support your digital transformation
  • Identified people to help activate the strategy
  • A wealth of knowledge on the future of work to share with leaders and staff
Email LesleyCrook@wolan.co.uk
Call London UK +44 (0)7717 801044
Skype Lesley #WOLAN
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